1975 Cayman Islands $100 Gold Coin “6 Queens” Agw .3646 Ozno Reserveget It

Welcome to another great precious metals auction! This auction will be starting at a PENNY! I have 100% feedback, so bid with confidence! FREE SHIPPING! I took a break for a little while, but now I am back, and have a TON of Gold and Silver to sell! I recently sold some silver bars and lots, every one was delivered without a hitch, check the feedback for your reassurance! Up for bid today is a Very nice, SEALED IN CASE 1975 Cayman Islands $100 Proof Gold Coin (it is called the 6 Queens coin, because it has the last 6 Brittish Queens on in, 5 on one side, and Queen Elizabeth on the other. ONLY 8,053 of these coins were minted, quite low! This coin is very large, it has an AGW of .3646 PURE .999 GOLD! Here are the specs Denomination Diameter Weight Alloy AGW $100 34mm 22.68g .50 ..3646 JP Morgan recently published that they believe gold will be at or above $2500 by December. If you have not invested yet, you had better hurry up! If you have been watchin the news, we are entering the GREATEST DEPRESSION, the stock market is freaking out, ONLY GOLD and SILVER are real money, they have been for over 6000 years! With the Fed keeping the rates at zero and QE3 just announced (that means printing more money out of thin air), the dollar will be dropping like a rock, and Silver and Gold is the only way to protect yourself. And, for goodness sakes, make sure you hold physicall silver and gold, not some paper version with a promise to pay. FREE SHIPPING! ZERO SHIPPING CHARGES! THIS ITEM SHIPS TO ONLY THE UNITED STATES, NO EXCEPTIONS! Items ONLY ship to paypal confirmed addresses, PERIOD! PAYPAL ONLY! DUE TO THE VOLITILE NATURE OF PRECIOUS METALS, THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON THESE ITEMS, SOLD AS IS. Get some security while you still can, GOOD LUCK!

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