Coney Island Steamer Frank N Bun – Sunbeam No 19-29

Found this item in an estate sale. The box has a couple tears which I tried to get pictures of and there are faint initials visible on the front of the box which I also took a picture of. I counted 3 inserts: the instructions, a warranty card, and another within the steamer which looks like a warning of some sort. I believe the steamer may have been used once since the plug had a rubber band around it, or maybe someone just took it out to display then put it back like that. I have not and will not test the steamer to see if it works. I ONLY accept PayPal. There is no reserve on this item. Happy Bidding. QUESTIONS: Please ask questions regarding the item you're interested in. Instead of bidding and then finding out later that the item wasn't made of a material, as big or small as you wanted, was missing a feature, etc. Questions are your friend. PICTURES: Items in the pictures may appear larger than in real life, details that my camera picks up may not be detectable by your normal human eyes. This is because I sometimes use the macro setting on my camera which magnifies these details so you can see them. Please do not feel jipped when a 50lb giant pack of playing cards DOES NOT show up at your front door, I did not mean to mislead you. That is why I am writing this. If you think I may have made a mistake in my listing and the item was in fact made for a giant please send me a message to confirm.RETURNS: I DO NOT accept returns.INSURANCE: Please ask for insurance if you are worried about your item. I try to pack everything as safe as possible, but you can never be too safe. I will add the rates listed on the USPS site.$0.01 to $50$1.80$50.01 to $100$2.30$100.01 to $200$2.85$200.01 to $300$4.75$300.01 to $5,000 (maximum liability is $5,000)$4.75 plus $1.05 for each $100 or fraction thereof over $300
Contact informations :
Seller Name: willbrownsf
Sale Price: $1.00
Zip Code: 94116
Location: San Francisco, California

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